Friday, October 01, 2004

Open Access in Anthropology

"The Anthropology Review Database (ARD) is intended to improve the level of access of anthropologists to anthropological literature by making them more aware of what is being published and helping them to evaluate its relevance to their own interests. Unlike the more traditional print journals, ARD is not constrained by production deadlines and has few running costs. We can keep abreast of the production of new materials, and do so in a much more timely fashion than the traditional media. Envision an almost continous flow of information from publisher to reader, by way of this database."

In March, 2004, ARD signed on to the Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science, an initiative with a "commitment to providing free access and wide dissemination of published research findings".

Look at the list of books to review, and sign up for those you would like to review. ARD retains copyright to all submitted reviews (disclaimer).

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