Tuesday, December 20, 2005

LISTA database Free to all Interested in Libraries and Librarianship

LISTA database Free to all Interested in Libraries and Librarianship

EBSCO Publishing is proud to provide the Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) database as a free resource to anyone interested in libraries and information management. This world-class bibliographic database provides coverage on subjects such as librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more. Delivered via the EBSCOhost platform, LISTA indexes more than 600 periodicals plus books, research reports, and proceedings. With coverage dating back to the mid-1960s, it is the oldest continuously produced database covering the field of information science.

Note: Be sure to set a bookmark for http://www.libraryresearch.com. This link takes you directly to the LISTA database. Make it a "favorite" so this free resource is available whenever you need it!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Cites on IRs from our emails

from Ellen G:

As promised, here's a list of citations (in no particular order) that have been shared so far:

The PowerPoint slides and resource list from the "Policies and Practices of Institutional Repositories" program at Annual 2005 are available on the Emerging Tech. Interest Group site: See: http://www.lita.org/ala/lita/litamembership/litaigs/emergingtechnol/programs.htm

Interesting article/Fedora http://www.dlib.org/dlib/october05/johnston/10johnston.html

Celestial (software that harvests metadata from OAI-compliant repositories and re-exposes that metadata to other services - in effect an OAI cache) http://celestial.eprints.org/

ProQuest's Digital Commons http://umi.com/features/feature-15/default.shtml

Stanford iTunes http://itunes.stanford.edu/


And lastly,

Here's a list to join:
> A complete Hypermail archive of the ongoing discussion of providing
> open access to the peer-reviewed research literature online
> (1998-2005) is available at:
> http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~harnad/Hypermail/Amsci/
> To join or leave the Forum or change your subscription
> address:
> http://amsci-forum.amsci.org/archives/American-Scientist-Open-Access-Forum.html
> Post discussion to:
> american-scientist-open-access-forum@amsci.org

And another list of interest: ERIL-L@LISTSERV.BINGHAMTON.EDU



from Jeffrey:

1. Here is E-LIS, E-prints in library and information science:
Perhaps you want to have a look at the article I deposited there.
2. Here is a link to the open-source company that makes the software for this:
3. Here is a link to a library's site using that software: (Queensland University of Technology)

Recruitment of content

From Elaine:

Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories NF Foster, S Gibbons - D-Lib Magazine, 11 (1), 2005 - dspace.lib.rochester.edu http://www.dlib.org/dlib/january05/foster/01foster.html