Friday, June 27, 2008

Academic Plagiarism - a detection tool for publishers

CrossRef, a non-profit membership association of publishers which includes open access publishers, has developed a search tool, CrossCheck, to check submissions against their members already published content. Launched June 19, 2008 CrossCheck is "already slated" to cover over 20 million journal articles and is in the process of enrolling CrossRef members to include their content in the CrossCheck database.

"CrossCheck powered by iThenticate" from CrossRef has been created to verify the
originality of submitted manuscripts. [A plagiarism dectection tool:] CrossCheck is two products, a database of scholarly publications and a web-based tool to check an authored work against that database. The web-based tool can be used in the editorial process to identify matching text but it can not, on its own, identify plagiarism. A human has to look at the matching text and use their best judgment to identify if plagiarism has occurred or not.