Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recent blog posts on institutional repositories

University Lectures
By David(David)
... Research Showcase Dan Hood, Research Showcase Outreach Coordinator, will define "institutional repository" (IR), cover the history of IRs, and highlight notable advances in open access publishing relating to IRs. ...
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A few thoughts on the heels of Berlin 6
By Cornelius
Librarians tend to see themselves as guardians of physical objects (books) and of digital objects which can be treated like physical objects (papers, dissertations, stuff that can be put into an institutional repository). ...
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Paper — Tune It Up: Creating and Maintaining the Institutional ...
Tune It Up: Creating and Maintaining the Institutional Repository Revolution The explosion of recent open access repositories and the future desire for global open access to scholarly communication has prompted the need to have more ...
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Overview of the literature on IRs
By admin
Nicole Carpenter, Tune It Up: Creating and Maintaining the Institutional Repository Revolution, deposited November 11, 2008. Student paper for a class at the School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University. ...
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Repository interoperability
By dempsey
In interviews with depositors and after conducting a case study of an Institutional Repository, we find different perceptions of the role of the repository, some seeing it mainly as an administrative tool for collecting and collating ...
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