Wednesday, September 29, 2004

ACRL has joined the Alliance for Taxpayer Access

Association of College and Research Libraries has joined the Alliance for Taxpayer Access (, an informal coalition of libraries, patient and health policy advocates, and other stakeholders who support reforms that will make publicly funded biomedical research accessible to the public. ACRL also encourages libraries and institutions to join the Alliance.

Today the vast majority of research funded with public dollars is available only through increasingly costly journal subscriptions (often costing thousands of dollars annually for a single journal), institutional licenses (more than a million dollars annually for many universities), or per article purchases (as much as $30 per article). Alliance supporters believe the current system of subscription-based access to scientific research is economically unsustainable and effectively impedes the dissemination and use of research that has been paid for with public dollars. Libraries and institutions wishing to join the Alliance for Taxpayer Access will find membership information and a list of current members on it's website.

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