Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Syllabus Magazine on Campus Technology

Electronic Publishing >> Book 'Em by Matt Villano has some interesting info on both institutional repositories and open access. It also refers to the Proquest technology we've just been discussing.

"Digitizing selected, pre-existing printed content is only one approach to electronic publishing; in some cases, efforts are underway to publish original content in the digital medium right away, eliminating the printed page all together. On the publishing side, Oxford is leading the way here, publishing some of its newest journals only in digital form online. On the academic side, thanks to technology from the content-digitizing vendor ProQuest Information and Learning (www.il.proquest.com/umi), a leader in this effort is Boston College, where efforts to pilot an institutional repository of intellectual property have dovetailed with the publication of Web-only journals and have gained astounding momentum in recent months."

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